We offer a 15% discount to Seniors (62), Veterans, and to anyone with a Tribal ID. We offer a 10% discount to OLCC Employees and to anyone on their Birthday! Our DAILY DEALS are listed below and are available for everybody:

Medible Monday - 50% OFF Wyld Gummies & 20% OFF All Other Edibles
Terpene Tuesday* - $5 OFF Certain Shatter/Carts & 10% OFF Tinctures/Topicals
                        - 25% OFF Silver and Elite Tier Flower!

Wear-It-Wednesday - Wear ANYTHING Cannabis-Themed and Get 20% OFF
Thirsty Thursday - 1/2 Priced Joints / 20% OFF Beverages / 20% OFF Glass
Flower Friday* - 25% OFF TopShelf / Platinum Tier Flower & 30% OFF Avitas Carts
Spooky Shatterday - 50% OFF ALL White Label Shatters/Carts - Thru October Only
Spliff Sunday - 1/2 Priced Joints / Pre-Rolls / Blunts & $5 OFF Certain Shatter/Carts

We do not combine these discounts with sale items or specialty products.
- And although our discounts do not stack, we do our best to make sure that
you're getting the best discount, the best value, and the best deal possible!