COVID-19 : How does this affect the dispensary?

- We want our customers to know that we care about them and that we are currently OPEN for business!

- We are implementing Social Distancing procedures in accordance with state law. Areas are taped off so

   that all customers have the mandatory 6 feet of distance between them as instructed by Governor


- This means that we only allow a handful of people in our showrooms at a time. If you do have to wait in

   line, there's a chance that the line may extend outside. We appreciate your patience and understanding

   during this time and with the weather changing, we encourage you to dress warmly.

- If you would like to get through the line quicker, you can use our Online Ordering service by clicking the

   links at the top and bottom of this page - or you can use our brand new Curb Side Service option!

Curb Side Service - Call in your order and pay for it when you arrive! If you'd like to place your order online, that's cool, too! Just call us when you get here and we'll run it out to you. It's that simple!